Saginaw County Zoning (Michigan)

The Saginaw County Building Department ensures the construction of safe buildings by creating and enforcing building codes and zoning rules in Saginaw County, MI. As part of this process, the Building Departments maintain records on Saginaw County zoning requirements and regulations, and they typically also check building plans to make sure they meet zoning rules and keep records on approved and rejected building and renovation plans. Building Department records may include Saginaw County zoning maps, building plans, and compliance reports on any violations of zoning laws. Saginaw County zoning information may be available on the Building Department website.

East Michigan Planning Department Saginaw MI 3144 Davenport Avenue, Uppr 200 48602 989-797-0800

Human Planning Department Saginaw MI 1315 South Washington Avenue 48601 989-759-1530

Saginaw Building Department Saginaw MI 249 North Miller Road 48609 989-781-0150

Saginaw County Planning Department Saginaw MI 111 South Michigan Avenue 48602 989-790-8488

Saginaw Permits Saginaw MI 618 Cass Street 48602 989-790-5420

Saginaw Township Planning and Zoning Department Saginaw MI 4980 Shattuck Road 48603 989-791-9865

Saginaw Zoning Saginaw MI 1315 South Washington Avenue 48601 989-759-1303

The Saginaw County Clerk's Office maintains important documents for a county or local government, which can include records related to zoning in Saginaw County, Michigan. These records, such as Saginaw County zoning maps and parcel maps, can show the zoning lines in a community, and they can also include zoning regulations and violations of zoning rules. Saginaw County Clerk Offices may also house building plans or renovation plans that have been approved based on zoning rules. Saginaw County zoning information is often accessible through the Clerk Office website.

Saginaw County Clerk Saginaw MI 111 South Michigan Avenue 48602 989-90-5251

Saginaw Township Clerk Saginaw MI 4980 Shattuck Road 48603 989-791-9800